Construction Management

As professional building consultants, we recognize the need for strong management and leadership. The sooner that our management abilities are added to the project team, the greater the value of the services provided. The goal of early participation is to use our construction expertise to influence design and cost savings. As a member of the project team working side by side with the architect and engineers, we provide control of construction techniques, logistics, and cost.


  • Develop project procedures to delineate lines of communication, the authority of the parties, dispute resolution procedures, personnel requirements, schedules, budgets, and client administrative requirements.
  • Review construction documents to determine if the design is feasible and if there are any portions of the design that could be changed in order to reduce the cost and increase the pace of construction.
  • Monitor the design team to ensure that the construction documents are assembled in a timely manner so as not to delay any portion of the project.


  • Thorough review of the contract documents, including general and special conditions, technical specifications, to identify and eliminate conflicts, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, ambiguities and unnecessary costs.
  • Assist the design professionals in developing bid package strategies by researching the bidding climate in the project location.
  • Provide preliminary cost budgets based on past experience with similar projects.
  • Review of bids to determine final project costs based on qualified subcontractors and suppliers.


  • Construction planning to identify, coordinate, and resolve site access, environmental, safety, project phasing, owner furnished materials, long-lead equipment delivery, and trade coordination.
  • Monitor the master and individual contract schedules, and take action as necessary to modify and improve these schedules.


  • Maintain project documentation including correspondence and submittals, contract administration, facilitate responses to contractor questions, interface with the design professionals and lead project meetings and conferences.
  • Inspect work in place to ensure that it complies with the contract documents and quality standards. These inspections are continuous, periodic, or random, based on the type of work being preformed.
  • Monitor contract costs and take any action necessary to keep the project within the budgets of the client.