General Contracting

Our philosophy is to deliver a service tailored to the unique and specific needs of the client. While the end result of our efforts is very tangible in the form of a completed structure, the intangible service during the entire process is the key to bringing everything together. What makes us different and brings us repeat business with our clients is not only the quality of the product, but also the quality of the service.


  • Assembly of the project design team. The relationships that we have with many different architects and engineers allow us to assemble the team best suited for the needs of the client.
  • Thorough review of the contract documents, including general and special conditions, technical specifications, to identify and eliminate conflicts, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, ambiguities and unnecessary costs.
  • Assist the design professionals in developing bid package strategies by researching the bidding climate in the project location.
  • Provide preliminary cost budgets based on past experience with similar projects.
  • Review of bids to determine final project costs based on qualified subcontractors and suppliers.


  • Detailed construction planning to coordinate project phases, subcontractors, vendor deliveries, and client furnished materials.
  • Weekly schedule updates that will identify any potential problems with required delivery dates.


  • Cost, quality and time conscious project management and supervision.
  • Administration and management of project information and communication; RFI's, submittals, weekly project meetings, etc.
  • Proactive coordination and management of subcontractors and suppliers to maximize quality and safety, and to minimize cost and time.


  • Efficient completion of final project punch list.
  • Coordination of client occupancy.
  • Delivery of project as-built documents and closeout manuals containing subcontractor contact lists, warranties, submittals, and samples.
  • One-year warranty, including an eleventh month warranty walk-through.